Cateva chestii folositoare la altii... :

- "oday one of my co-workers ran Partition Magic on his work box, to free up some contiguous free space to expand his C partition (System). However, as he was moving the non system partition to the end of the disk (to get contiguous free space) his computer shut off. He then tried to boot up, and Windows came up with the normal “File missing or Corrupt”, on the file HAL.DLL. So I turned to what I think is the MOST VITAL TOOL when managing a Windows environment (I was previously a Windows Administrator, converted to Linux). So, I grabbed the Knoppix (5.0) CD and booted to it. Launched qtparted, and it saw no valid partition tables. So I turned to a tool that I believe is a very useful tool, but doesn’t get the props it deserves. That tool is called testdisk. (note: it can be downloaded from here for you guys not running knoppix.) With this tool, I analysed the disk, wrote the new partition table it had found, pulled up qtparted and verified that it was now accessible, and rebooted back into the Windows XP installation. It went through some Partition Magic stuff (finishing where it broke), rebooted and was back into the system. This took meerly 10 minutes (most the time was Knoppix booting, since it is a Live CD Distribution). This same scenerio has happened to me before and will continue happening to me. So you Windows Admins (Desktop Support, Server etc) make sure you have Knoppix or any other Live Distribution handy to bail you out of certain Windows problem."
- Reboot fortat in trei secunde Nu, nu e vorba de butonul reset ci de o metoda mai curata de a face reboot atunci cand Linux-ul se blogheaza dincolo de punctul in care un clasic Ctrl+Alt+Del ar putea rezolva problema. Daca te trezesti cu desktop-ul inghetat tine apasate tastele Alt+SysRq si tasteaza pe rand literele R,E,I,S,U,B. Partitiile se vor demonta imediat, procesele se vor inchide si sistemul va reboota in vreo 2-3 secunde.
- Cand o sa invatati sa utilizati Mandriva?
Nu e nevoie sa va mai chinuiti cu mii de arhive. E mai simplu luati un iso de Mandriva free de pe roedu ... so/2009.1/ Intalatil. Oricum si Power Pack are nevoie de update dupa instalare ....asa ca ii facem update:
urpmi --auto-update --allow-nodeps --force
Veti fi intrebat de teme etc...Selectatile pe cele care au in denumire powerpack.. Dupa ce se termina updatul si faceti rpimul restart pentru a rula noul kernel ..veti avea Mandriva power pack pe pc. Simplu nu ?
- Presupun ca stii ca in OpenOffice poti exporta in .pdf fara nici un alt plugin, nu? Daca totusi ai nevoie de cups-pdf iaca cum se face, nu am timp de tutorial video si nici nu prea are rost, e simplu:
1. urpmi cups-pdf
2. creezi un director pdf sau orice director din /home/user/ in care sa salvezi .pdf-urile. Permisiunile pe el trebuie sa fie rw pt oricine (777).
3. MCC -> Hardware -> Set up the printers ...
4. New (asteapta pana cauta)
5. Din lista alegi PDF Writing si in caseta Enter Device URI scrii asa: pdf:/home/user/pdf si dai Forward
6. Asteapta pana cauta drivere si alegi Provide PPD File.
7. Click pe caseta (None) si alegi fisierul aflat aici: /usr/share/ghostscript/8.64/lib/ghostpdf.ppd iar apoi dai Forward
8. Urmeaza botezul, pune ce nume vrei si la urma dai Apply.
9. Reporneste serverul CUPS: service cups restart
10. Exporta .pdf pana iti sar capacele!